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Capn Crunch cannabis strain is a 70/30 Indica predominant maryjane half breed. Furthermore, The reproducers of this kush stay obscure. More so,  These Maryjane plants produce huge, dull green buds iced with trichomes. However, As the name proposes, Captain Crunch pot scents like the oat it was names after, with traces of pine. More so,  Her moderate, 12%-15% THC substance settles on this weed a decent decision for first-time clients. Hence, Chief Crunch Maryjane strain is useful for night and evening time use because of narcotic properties.

Sort of High

Skipper Crunch weed strain initiates elevating cerebral elation and solid body buzz. However, Lifts hunger lightens tension and stress. Moreover, Pursued by body-mind unwinding, lounge chair lock and rest. Gives gentle torment control, assists with sleep deprivation

Hereditary qualities

Otherwise, knows as: Crunch Berries, Crunchberry or Crunch Berry Kush. Again, The hereditary causes of Captain Crunch cannabis strain are OG Kush X an obscure berry strain.

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